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eBooks affiliate/associate programme

This is an opportunity to add high-quality well-researched Julian Jackson eBooks to your website, as an additional income stream.

It is a two tier programme, payable in US dollars. Every sale by generated from an affiliate’s site, gets 50% of the cover price as commission. If you recruit other affiliates, you also get 10% of their sales. This is administered by iBill, a reliable US credit card processor.

Payments are sent out every 2 weeks, one month after the transaction date. There is a minimum payout of US$50, so if your sales are below this they are accumulated until you reach the right level. In order to protect buyers there is a 10% holdback (credited to Affiliates later) against “Chargebacks” – people wanting their credit cards recredited, but my eBooks have never had a problem with this, as there are to date no unsatisfied customers, and the only refunds I have given were for technical glitches like being unable to download or open files, which is extremely rare.

Joining is free.

Affiliates can track their sales by means of a Credit Management Interface (CMI) on the iBill site. Registration is easy: all you have to do is fill in a simple form and create a username. Banners and other promotional material is available from my website.

To sign up for free go to:

(It will only take a couple of minutes
to fill in the form)

New Method of generating additional affiliate sales

Receive a free Photography Marketing Report worth £150/US$225/€225

After you register as an affiliate you will receive a marketing e-mail detailing my latest method of getting many more affiliate sales than other sites. If you join this (optional) programme, you will receive a special marketing report for photographers/photo libraries/agencies which is not for sale, but if I did sell it I would charge £150 for it.



Affiliate programme

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(It will only take a couple of minutes
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