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I act as a web designer and internet consultant to a variety of enterprises, large and small, many from the print and digital imaging industries. Myself and a select number of associates who are experts in their particular fields improve your online profile by effective marketing, design or redesign your website, and advise on e-commerce and developments in new media.

I have been experimenting with innovative ways of using CGI-scripts to add interactive traffic-building facilities to sites. The "recommend script" to the right is one of them - note how it adds an incentive to use it by offering a free giveaway. I have other interactive, automated methods of raising your site's visibility.

How Clients have benefited from my expertise:
(names have been concealed to preserve confidentiality)

Client 1 upon investigation I found that there were much more cost-effective ways of hosting their extensive photographic site - saving GBP 8,500 per year.

Client 2 I wrote a report which identified new areas of additional income which could be generated from their existing services. This became profitable almost immediately for very little effort.

Several Photo-agency Clients after identifying their strengths and weaknesses I put them in touch with other agencies globally which were a good match for their niche, generating additional sales from very little extra work.


Over the years I have researched into many subjects and consider myself an expert in information-finding from printed sources and online. I run an advanced internet research course Netconnections, so other people seem to agree with me.

Several times clients have wanted to investigate a possible market sector and produce a report on sources of funds, potential customers, and if there was a need for their services. I have completed these - often developing innovative methods for the clients to turn a profit which they had never envisaged.





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