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The Photobuyer's Handbook is the ultimate guide for anyone who searches for and uses images professionally in print or new media. It is aimed at photobuyers, picture researchers, art buyers, designers and art directors.

It is a product of author Julian Jackson's 25 years in the industry. Topics covered include an overview of the industry, rights and licensing, the basics of the digital image, resolution, file sizes and compression, metadata, the internet, image quality control, copyright, orphan works, and many other subjects of vital importance to anyone who uses images professionally.

The Photobuyer's Handbook is written in an accessible style. Novices can click on the pop-up “Newbie Notes”, which can be ignored by more experienced users. Everyone in the industry will find something of interest, from beginner to highly experienced photobuyer. Guidelines for best practice, and hundreds of hotlinks complement the text.

Clever navigation means that the reader can jump between sections and internal hotlinks give you the option to look at a topic in more depth.

25,500 words, 102 pages.

It will answer those awkward questions that you need to know but didn't know who to ask.

Who will it benefit? Anyone who “buys” (really licences) images professionally. This is essential reading for everyone who works in the stock photography industry, particularly users of images, but also suppliers who work in stock photography agencies or service providers.

The Photobuyer's Handbook is an eBook, so can be downloaded immediately by digital delivery. It is not a printed book. It has many external and internal links and navigation buttons which cannot be reproduced in print.

It comes in two language versions, US English and UK English.

The selling price for this eBook is £24.99 and is fufilled immediately by direct download.

It comes with a money back guarantee – if you are not satisfied your money will be refunded immediately.

Click Here to download an extract


Click Here to download an extract


Purchase The Photobuyer's Handbook:

UK English Edition GBP 24.99

US English Edition GBP 24.99

"I really enjoyed looking through this book,
it's interesting and informative with an approachable,
easy to read style which doesn't intimidate.  
With more than 20 years experience as a picture researcher
I discovered facts I hadn't known and it's very useful to
have the whole process explained in a straightforward way."

Angela Anderson, senior picture researcher and BAPLA administrator

"This e-book is a comprehensive reference guide for any information relating to digital images and their handling. An essential for all picture buyers."

Gwen Campbell, picture researcher/editor and photographer

Read a review from Selling Stock:

"The Handbook offers a state-of-the-industry perspective by a 25-year industry vet. Jackson covers typical image uses, licensing structures, rights and ownership, the differences between digital and analog imagery, a diverse range of technical issues and Internet image-search techniques. Written in accessible language, the e-book defines common industry terms, offers descriptions and links to numerous online resources and has pop-up “newbie notes” for recent transplants. "

Read the whole review

Julia Dudnik Stern, Selling Stock



Purchase The Photobuyer's Handbook:

UK English Edition GBP 24.99

US English Edition GBP 24.99

This eBook will be downloadable immediately after purchase.
If you have any problems, email and
I will smooth out any difficulties. Guarantee: if you are not satisfied
in any way with this product I will refund your money.









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