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"75% of users return to their favorite Web sites because of high-quality content. In order to drive users to their sites, provide an engaging user experience, and communicate strategic marketing messages, both consumer and business-focused Websites need to obtain high quality content... Content is the No.1 reason users return to their favourite website." - Forrester Research

Picture Researcher News is my syndicated news channel. It will encourage researchers, photobuyers and designers to come to your site because they will find the articles, tips and information stimulating. This is a subscription service: it costs GB£120/US$175 per annum to have this valuable addition to your website.

Click here to view current issue. Fill in the form below to join the service now and keep photo-buyers returning to your site regularly.

All you have to do is insert some links and one line of code! Which will be provided for you. The articles are automatically and regularly updated. You receive new content effortlessly.

Only subscribers can put PRN content on their sites: Unauthorised people who cut the code from a page just get an error message.

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