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My work involves training clients in all aspects of the internet and imaging software. Including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, Internet Marketing, Website Publishing. I run two specialist courses:

Digitisation for Picture Researchers which is to give picture-researchers/photobuyers and editors a thorough grounding in digital technology.

Netconnections which is an advanced course in research using the internet and aimed at media professionals: media researchers, journalists, picture researchers.




Digitisation for Picture Researchers

1 day course for Picture Researchers

Solve your problems with digital images. Picture Researchers and Editors like the instant accessibility of them, but dislike grappling with the myriad difficulties. This course, led by an expert in the field, will help you understand all the aspects of digital imaging that directly impact on your job, from resolution, through file management, analysing flawed images, to metadata. The murk of baffling techno-jargon will be minimised in this hands-on, researcher-friendly course.

Who will benefit from this course: picture researchers and editors who deal with digital images, of all experience levels. This will be very much a practical course, with exercises on computer.

This course is approved by the Picture Research Association.

Course outline


Basics, including: what is a pixel? File Size? Image Resolution? Screen resolution, cropping, colour depth (numbers of colours).

Picture Research and the digital workflow.

Calibrating monitors and scanners: ICC profiles. Using calibration equipment and software.

File info and metadata.

Image editing software: Comparison between Photoshop and low-cost alternatives.

Image quality control: how to look at histograms to check and manage image quality. Low-res vs high res.Compression issues lossy and lossless.

Enlarging or reducing file sizes. The difficulties encountered. Using next generation scaling technology such as pxlSmart and Genuine Fractals.

The future of Picture Research: emerging file formats such as JPEG2000, RAW and DNG.

File management: image management systems overview.

Damaged or poor quality digital files how to spot what's wrong.


Making CD-roms including caption/file header info and lightboxes. Other methods of image storage and transfer, including USB drives and burning to DVD. Web publishing.

Print publishing packages and the picture researcher.
Q & A.



Advanced Internet Research

Professionals who will benefit from this one-day course: media researchers, journalists, picture researchers, designers, editors.

Course structure:

  1. Choosing a service provider and connecting to the internet.
  2. e-mail and file attachments. ftp
  3. Newsgroups: a fertile source of information.
  4. Using browsers: searching the web. Metasearch engines. Advanced searches using boolean logic. How to search effectively so irrelevant information is minimised. Search exercises. Visiting various useful websites. Bookmarking. Downloading files.
  5. Using search agent software tools.
  6. Directories and libraries worth visiting.
  7. Other networks and facilities. Upcoming technological innovations.
  8. Question and answer session.

Extensive course notes and a list of useful websites are provided.



Secrets of Effective Internet Marketing

Professionals who will benefit from this one-day course:
internet marketers, conventional marketers who want to move online, managers, PR personnel.

Course structure:

A web marketing campaign might consist of the following elements: registration with search engines, conventional marketing techniques, creating a newsletter or e-zine, web advertising (banners on the page), sponsorship, online direct mailing, web-rings,using newsgroups and bulletin boards, and various other methods to spread your message.

This course gives in-depth insight into effective techniques which will drive considerable amounts of traffic to your site. Most websites do not do this effectively: you can learn the secrets that will ensure your site is a success.

Search Engines and directories: how they work.

Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions: vital information to increase their effectiveness as tools.

Critical errors to avoid.

The difference between hits, visitors, and page impressions.

Online Advertising.


Link Exchanging Banners.

E-zines and Newsletters: keep your customers aware of what you are doing.

E-mail signature files.

Newsgroups: how to make them part of your marketing plan

Market research/Collecting demographic information.

Log files/web statistics


Emerging Technologies.

Q & A.

Course notes are provided for every participant.


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