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I am now writing in two particular categories: Photographic Industry news and technology and the Environment

Below are links to some of my articles: digital imaging and technology; environmental articles and case studies of environmental initiatives by green companies.


I write the photography and footage news items for StockIndexOnline and StockFootageOnline. If you have any news related to photolibraries, stock photography or footage libraries, please send me an email.

Photography eBooks and Magazine Articles

The Photobuyer's Handbook
The ultimate eBook guide for picture researchers, photobuyers, art directors and picture editors


NEW - Webinar for Picture Researchers/Editors/Designers

Learn valuable information from an expert in the field of picture research and photography - click here for more details.

The format is an online video conference using Skype - an easy way to use Distance Learning to progress your knowledge.

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Two Becomes One
DSLR Video Article for the British Journal of Photography

Take Stock
Article on the Stock Photography Industry for Digital Photo Pro

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Environmental Writing

Earthtimes Articles

I have been writing extensively for the high-traffic site Earthtimes since 2010. I cover a wide range of environmental subjects and really enjoy writing for this site, and using some of my own photographs to accompany the articles. My particular favourites are the BFI Master Film Store, MONA's Chimps, the Sail Transport Network, Dinosaur Flight, Biochar, and KASPAR the Child-Robot.

Sat-nav ospreys tracked from Scotland - destination Africa: Updated

Preserving British film heritage in the BFI's Master Film Store

Mongolia - a laboratory for climate change

Anna Maria Island aims for zero emissions

Fieldpower Organics signposts the way to zero-carbon farming

Scottish Government pledges to boost renewables in agriculture sector

New Scottish hydro-electric power scheme approved

Ecotricity launches the Electric Highway

UK's largest solar roof installation goes live

GeoEngineering the Planet - Crazy Idea or Technological Solution?

Chinese electric vehicle company BYD sets up joint venture in Hong Kong

New research suggests dinosaurs were warm blooded and active

Conservation mission to save petrels on Henderson Island underway

Biodiversity Research Institute studies wind turbine dangers to wildlife

UK wave power machines get new funding

The Wealth of Nature - A New Book by John Michael Greer

Rescuing and Rehabilitating Chimps in MONA's Sanctuary

UK's Green Investment Bank moves nearer to Launch

Sail Transport Network - The Past Meets the Future

India Boosts World Environment Day with a Greenathon

Rare Earth Metals - a Bottleneck in Supply?

Green Fair Celebrates Pedal-Powered Music

Rotterdam Plans Electric Vehicle Fleet

Atlantic seabirds get FAME

Bees need Pods

World's largest fleet of electric taxis celebrates one year of operation

UN Clean Development Mechanism reaches 3000th Project

Urban Agriculture - Way of the Future

Zero Emission taxis to be tested for Olympics 2012

Nitrogen, from benefactor to pollutant

Elephant killing causes internet controversy

Bottletop - is it a charity, a handbag, a band?

Superhomes are open to visitors

Scotland to Build World's Largest Tidal Power Array

India to Push for Cleaner, Greener Technology

Make Your Own Energy Pathways to 2050

Shale Gas - Revolution or White Elephant?

China Plans for Green Growth

Ecobuild Builds a Bigger Better Show

John Michael Greer Looks Forward to Our Ecotechnic Future

WWF reports 100% Renewable Energy Power is Possible

Songs of Petroleum - autobiography of Jan Lundberg

Pacific ''Plastic Debris'' area not as big as previously estimated

The Transition Movement in Transition

Wild Wonders of Europe - article and competition

Dinosaur Flight

Believing Cassandra - book review and author interview

Myanmar Tiger Poaching

Weather at Home

You can put Old Wine in New Bottles

Biochar - Wisdom of Ancient Amazonians May Hold Secrets of Carbon Capture

Thin Film Solar Panels Catch the Rays

KASPAR the child robot plays nice

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Carbon Managers News and Blog

Some issues of Carbon Managers Newsletter and Blog which I wrote from 2008-2011 to inform their readers and promote their services:

Make a Greener Future

Older Carbon News Issues

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Environmental Case Studies

These are some of the case studies I wrote for leading environmental companies which participated in Carbon Managers Trees4Business programme. I also polished the final design and optimised the Acrobat pdf files.


A global IT and business process corporation, which has been at the forefront of re-engineering business processes to be more environmentally friendly.


This world-leading company has strong environmental policies and this case study was of a promotion where they planted a tree for every green appliance sold.


This events company is pioneering green events and even recycles its sets or alternatively burns them in its high-spec wood-stove to heat its workshop.

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